Don't Let Trump Use the COVID-19 Crisis to Roll Back Public Health Protections

At the moment the Trump administration should be focusing on making our country healthier, it is instead taking advantage of an unprecedented public health crisis to do favors for polluters that threaten our public health.

The Trump administration just gutted clean car standards — strong pollution and fuel efficiency standards for automobiles that have helped reduce massive amounts of toxic air and climate pollution from the nation's cars and trucks.

And Trump’s EPA just rolled back pollution rules, inviting industrial facilities to stop monitoring and reporting dangerous air and water pollution during the COVID-19 pandemic, without any public oversight.

Both rollbacks will cause immense harm to our environment, public health, and the economy, and will undermine efforts to fight climate change.

And these moves come amid a recent growing onslaught of attacks on environmental protections by Trump and his EPA, including their plan to roll back the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) — which protects people against pollution in their communities.

There is no "right time" to impose higher health and economics costs on the American people — and to do so now, amid a global pandemic, is unconscionable.

Submit an urgent letter of opposition to the White House and Trump's EPA urging them to drop their misguided rollback of critical public health protections right away!

Even amid a growing public health crisis, the Trump administration took aim at two critical EPA safeguards that protect our environment and public health. They’re attacking lifesaving clean car standards and rolling back requirements that industrial facilities monitor and report pollution during the COVID-19 crisis and keep communities safe and healthy.

Tell the White House and Trump's EPA to drop their misguided rollback of critical public health protections right away!

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President Trump
EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler

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I urge you to maintain EPA limits on industrial pollution and keep clean car standards on the books

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