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Burning fossil fuels to heat and power buildings is one of Seattle’s largest and fastest-growing sources of climate pollution. Fortunately, the City of Seattle is proposing improvements to its Commercial Energy Code, which sets energy standards for new commercial and large multifamily residential buildings.

So it’s critical that City Councilmembers hear from as many NRDC Action Fund supporters as possible right away.

If passed, this new update could have the potential to set Seattle’s building stock – which will last for generations — on a path that dramatically lowers fossil fuel use and climate pollution.

And it will help improve air quality both indoors and outdoors, reduce wasted energy, save residents and businesses money, and make Seattle a healthier, more economically vibrant city for all.

Urge your City Councilmember to ensure Seattle’s newest buildings are as efficient, healthy, and climate-resilient as possible!

Photo: Luca Micheli

Urge your City Councilmember to ensure Seattle’s newest large buildings are energy efficient, healthy, and climate resilient!

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