Say No to Dangerous Pesticide Use Killing Pollinators in New York!

Neonics are a dangerous class of pesticides responsible for killing bees and other pollinators we depend on for one out of every three bites of food we eat.

Not only are neonic pesticides a direct threat to the future of our food supply, but they may pose serious risks to our health — especially in pregnant women and children.

The world is taking action against these dangerous pesticides — now it’s time for New York to step up.

Send an urgent message to your New York state lawmakers urging them to pass the Birds and Bees Protection Act (S699A, A7429), critical legislation that would make New York a national leader in safeguarding pollinators, waterways, people, and the future of our food supply by banning bee-killing neonic uses.

Send an urgent message to your New York state lawmakers asking them to take action on toxic neonic pesticides.

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Take action on neonics by passing the Birds and Bees Protection Act

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