Help Stop Trump's Plans to Drill in the Arctic Refuge

The Trump administration is secretly taking the dangerous first steps toward opening our pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to catastrophic oil drilling — the worst threat to the Arctic Refuge in decades. And anti-wildlife members of Congress are hard at work pushing pro-drilling legislation and using a backdoor budget process to allow drilling on the refuge’s coastal plain.

The Arctic Refuge's 1.5 million-acre coastal plain is our nation's largest denning site for pregnant polar bears ... the last home of hundreds of shaggy muskoxen ... the birthing ground for 197,000 porcupine caribou... and vital to the culture and survival of the region's Gwich'in people. We can’t allow this spectacular wild place to be destroyed for the sake of oil industry profits.

Show legislators that they’ll face massive, nationwide opposition if they support Trump’s plan to destroy the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Urge your senators and representative to support any legislation that would help save the Arctic Refuge, and vote against any bills or riders that would allow drilling in this cherished wildland.

Tell your senators and representative to oppose any bills or riders that would allow the administration to drill for oil or permit seismic testing in this spectacular wild place.

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Don’t drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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