Save the Arctic Refuge from oil drilling!

Photo: Arthur T. LaBar/Flickr

Anti-environment leaders in the Senate are moving ahead with their scheme to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to destructive oil drilling, in order to pay for tax cuts for the richest Americans and already-wealthy corporate polluters.

Drilling in this spectacular wild place would be a death sentence to polar bears, caribou, and other imperiled wildlife, decimate one of the last unspoiled ecosystems on earth, and threaten the culture and survival of the region's Gwich'in people. We must do everything we can to stop this disastrous plan in its tracks.

Your senator serves on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, which will soon hold the next crucial vote that will determine Arctic Refuge’s fate. Tell your senator to vote NO on any bill that would allow oil drilling in the Arctic Refuge!

Tell your senators to oppose any bill that would allow oil drilling in the Arctic Refuge.

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