Tell your senators to save the Endangered Species Act!

Anti-environment members of Congress, emboldened by President Trump and Interior Secretary Zinke’s loyalty to fossil fuel, mining, and logging companies, have escalated their attacks on the Endangered Species Act, the most effective tool we have for protecting endangered and threatened wildlife.

The ESA has helped prevent the extinction of hundreds of wildlife species. But Congress is considering dozens of bills that would gut this bedrock environmental law, including efforts to remove protections from endangered gray wolves, allow destructive logging in the forest homes of grizzly bears, and even make it legal for chemical companies to poison endangered species with pesticides.

Tell your senators: Stand up for wildlife, and vote NO on these and any other attacks against endangered species!

Photo: Gus Curtis / Alamy

Tell your senators: Stand up for wildlife, and vote NO on any attack against endangered species!

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Stand up for wildlife, and save the Endangered Species Act!

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