Support California’s Clean Energy Future

Californians are already feeling the effects of climate change first-hand: Extreme weather, rising sea levels, debilitating drought, and historic wildfires that have uprooted and devastated communities up and down the State.

But President Trump is still pushing full steam ahead with his reckless climate-denial, anti-environment agenda.

Fortunately, here in California the state legislature is considering landmark bills that will move the state to 100% clean energy by 2045 and help the state better cope with our changing climate and future droughts.

Urge your state legislators to stand up to Trump’s anti-environment attacks and secure California as a leader on climate action and climate resilience by supporting SB 100, AB 1668, and SB 606.

Right now the California state legislature is considering bills that will move California to 100% clean energy by 2045 and help the state better cope with future droughts. Tell your state legislators to support SB 100, AB 1668, and SB 606.

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