Tell EPA: Don't Stall Methane Pollution Protections

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is fighting tooth-and-nail to gut vital standards that protect us from dangerous methane pollution — misusing his office to do favors for the oil and gas industry instead of protecting Americans' health and environment.

Oil and gas operations are America's second largest industrial contributor to climate change. Pruitt wants to stall these rules for two years while he works on permanently repealing them — a move that blatantly threatens the health and safety of the American people so oil and gas companies can keep pumping more smog-forming, cancer-causing, climate-warming methane pollution into our air.

NRDC and our partners won a major court victory last month that blocked Pruitt's first attempt to roll back these vital safeguards, and the court recently ordered that these protections be enforced immediately. But Pruitt isn't giving up — and neither are we.

The EPA is accepting public comments until August 9 on this reckless pro-polluter plan — so we need to mobilize a massive, nationwide outcry that President Trump and his administration won't be able to ignore. Please add your voice now to demand strong methane pollution protections and stand up for every American's right to clean, healthy air.

Help us stop EPA Administrator Pruitt from gutting vital limits on the methane pollution that spews from oil and gas operations across the country. Please raise your voice for every American's right to clean, healthy air and demand strong methane pollution protections now.

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Scott Pruitt, EPA Administrator

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Don't endanger our families with more dangerous methane pollution

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