Don’t Let Trump Fast-Track the Dangerous Keystone XL Pipeline

The Keystone XL pipeline would carry up to 830,000 barrels of dirty tar sands oil each day from Canada’s boreal forest through America’s heartland — threatening our land, our drinking water supplies, our climate, and our clean energy future.

NRDC and our allies successfully pushed the Obama administration to reject the pipeline in November 2015, but President Trump brought it back from the dead with a presidential memorandum just days after his inauguration. The Trump administration and its big polluter allies are intent on making sure the pipeline gets built at all costs—but the fact remains that several obstacles still stand in the way of this disastrous project.

We must do everything we can to stop them, so we’ve sued his administration—again. And we need to demonstrate that the American people are fighting with us:

Tell President Trump you oppose the Keystone XL pipeline and any other attempts to fast-track dangerous pro-polluter schemes at the expense of our climate and our clean energy future.

The Keystone XL pipeline would be disastrous for our climate, our clean energy future, and the drinking water supplies in America’s heartland. We must stop it. Tell President Trump that you oppose his attempts to flout the court’s authority and fast-track the dirty and dangerous Keystone XL pipeline.

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President Donald Trump

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I urge you to abandon the Keystone XL pipeline and won’t stop fighting until you do

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