Don’t let Trump raise your electricity bill – fight for climate action:

In a petty move, the Trump administration is trying to keep Americans using energy-wasting incandescent and halogen light bulbs. Why? So that large corporations can profit at our expense when those bulbs burn out every year or two.

President Trump’s misguided actions could cost U.S. households an additional $14 billion in annual utility bill costs while spewing 25 power plants’ worth of carbon pollution into our air each year, making climate change even worse.

Submit an official public comment of opposition now: Tell Trump and Department of Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette that you’re outraged by their disastrous plan to ignore Congress’ longstanding intent to phase out inefficient light bulbs — and will do everything in your power to fight back against this assault on crucial energy efficiency standards, our pocketbooks, and our climate.

The Trump administration is trying to prevent our everyday light bulbs from becoming more energy efficient — costing U.S. households more in utility bills and spewing more carbon pollution into our air, just to help lighting companies generate more profit. Submit a message of opposition to Trump’s disastrous plan now and help fight climate change.

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President Trump
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I implore you to drop your assault on energy efficiency standards

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