Tell Lowe's to Stop Selling Deadly Paint Stripping Chemicals!

Watch CBS's interview with a family devastated by a paint stripper bought from Lowe's

Every day Americans walk into their local Lowe’s Home Improvement store and buy paint removal products containing a lethal chemical — methylene chloride — that has been linked to nearly 60 deaths nationwide.

The fumes from paint strippers containing methylene chloride have killed unsuspecting users within minutes, and long-term exposure is known to cause liver toxicity, cancer, and harm to the central nervous system.

Products like Jasco Premium Paint & Epoxy Remover and Goof Off All Purpose Paint Stripper are dangerous and should not be on Lowe’s shelves.

Urge Lowe’s CEO Robert Niblock to put consumer safety first and stop selling deadly paint strippers containing methylene chloride.

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Robert Niblock, CEO of Lowe’s

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Stop selling deadly paint strippers

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