Tell the National Park Service: Don't Increase Park Fees!

The Trump administration just proposed massive fee increases for some of America’s grandest national parks -- increases that could double and in some cases nearly triple entry fees to $70.

The administration claims this fee hike will help address the $11.3 billion maintenance backlog in national parks, but these new fees are estimated to raise just $70 million -- a tiny fraction of the maintenance backlog!

At the same time, the Interior Department just opened a loophole allowing dirty fossil fuel companies to avoid paying proper royalties on coal, oil and gas from public lands -- a move that will cost taxpayers $75 million a year.

This is all appears to be part of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s zeal to prioritize dirty energy companies over the public when it comes to America’s public lands.

Tell Secretary Zinke that you oppose these fee increases and urge them instead to close loopholes that benefit energy companies at taxpayer’s expense.

The Trump administration proposed massive fee increases for some of America’s grandest national parks that could double or nearly triple entry fees to $70. At the same time, the administration offers loopholes encouraging dirty energy companies to drill and mine on public lands that cost taxpayers more than $75 million a year –more than would be raised by higher fees. Tell the National Park Service that you oppose their unfair fee increases.

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Don’t Increase Park Fees

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