Tell Congress: Stop Trump’s Dirty, Dangerous Offshore Drilling Plan

President Trump’s and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s latest handout to the oil industry is their five-year offshore drilling plan that would auction off huge swaths of the Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans and the Gulf of Mexico to private oil companies. This outrageous scheme would put drill rigs off the coast of every state, endanger our coastal communities and marine life with catastrophic oil spills, and keep us shackled to the climate-busting fossil fuels of the past.

Congress has the power to stop this dirty, dangerous giveaway to the oil industry. Tell them to stand up to Trump’s reckless plan, and protect our coasts and oceans from reckless oil and gas drilling!

Tell Congress to protect our coasts and oceans from President Trump’s disastrous oil and gas drilling scheme.

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Protect our coastal waters from dangerous drilling

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