Hold your Representative Accountable for Voting for the Pro-Polluter Tax Bill

Congress passed its disastrous tax bill that gives massive tax breaks to corporate polluters and the ultra-wealthy — and tries to pay for them by raising taxes on everyday Americans and opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. Your representative voted for this terrible deal. It’s time to show them that you and thousands of other constituents are watching — and are outraged that they voted for big polluters and billionaires over the American people and our environment.

With President Trump and his allies on Capitol Hill relentlessly attacking our environmental protections, and Trump’s dangerous anti-environment budget looming, we must hold them accountable for every anti-environmental vote.

Tell your senator that you strongly disapprove of their vote for this tax scam and for oil drilling in the Arctic Refuge. Urge them to reverse course and protect people, not polluters, by opposing Trump’s pro-polluter budget cuts and other environmental assaults.

Tell your representative that you strongly disapprove of their vote for the anti-environment tax scam.

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