Tell the U.S. Forest Service: Save America’s Largest Wild Forest!

Under Trump’s watch, the U.S. Forest Service is pushing to allow destructive logging and road construction in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest — the country’s largest wild forest, and home to countless groves of irreplaceable old growth trees, some more than 800 years old.

The Roadless Rule was written to keep wildlands in the Tongass and other national forests safe from invasive road building and logging. The Trump administration’s proposal to roll back this landmark rule is a gift to timber and logging companies that could gain access to millions of acres of pristine, ancient trees and destroy precious fish and wildlife habitat.

NRDC has been fighting a decades-long battle to defend the Tongass and other roadless federal forestlands from being ripped open by corporate interests and industrialization, and we will continue to fight this new proposal. But the clock is ticking: There are just days until the public comment period ends on October 15.

Raise your voice before it’s too late: Demand the U.S. Forest Service retain the national Roadless Rule in Alaska and oppose destructive road building in the Tongass National Forest.

Add your name to demand that the U.S. Forest Service uphold the landmark Roadless Rule to protect Alaska’s Tongass National Forest from destructive logging and other development. There are just days until the public comment period ends on October 15.

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Please protect the Tongass National Forest

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