Write a Letter to the Editor: We Need Climate Action in Congress Now!

What is a letter to the editor (LTE)?

A letter to the editor is a short letter that anyone can write and submit to a newspaper or other news outlet. It can be written in response to an article that the outlet has recently published, or it can be a proactive statement expressing your opinion on an important topic. Editors will select a handful of letters to the editor for publication.

Background on the issue:

Build Back Better legislation has suffered a setback — but we must still push Congress and the White House to keep working to pass legislation that includes meaningful climate action, creates clean energy jobs, and supports communities that have historically been hit first and worst by climate impacts. However, fossil fuel giants and their congressional allies are fighting to kill this bill. We must escalate massive and sustained public pressure on lawmakers to show them we're counting on them to support game-changing climate action in this bill. Right now is the perfect time for activists to make their voices heard in media outlets across the country.

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