Pledge to Support NRDC’s Climate Action Plan

The science is clear and the urgency is real: The U.S. needs to cut carbon pollution and other greenhouse gases at least in half by the end of this decade to avert the worst impacts of climate change.

The good news is that we have a president who is ready to take bold steps to address the climate crisis. And with pro-environment majorities in both houses of Congress, now is our time to act.

But our window of opportunity is narrow, and we face fierce resistance from powerful fossil fuel companies, big polluter lobbyists, and their allies in Congress determined to maintain the status quo and protect profits over people.

The solutions to avert climate catastrophe are feasible and affordable — we just need to turbocharge them. We must cut greenhouse gas pollution in half by 2030, and completely stop adding it to the atmosphere by 2050. We must protect nature and support healthy ecosystems. And we must do it in a way that creates millions of good-paying clean energy jobs, grows our economy, and is just and equitable for ALL.

Your support for action on climate change is absolutely critical. Add your name to pledge your support for NRDC’s Climate Action Plan today and help us jumpstart a new era of powerful climate action!

Help us jumpstart a new era of powerful climate action. Add your name today.

I pledge to support NRDC's Climate Action Plan that will cut greenhouse gas pollution in half by 2030 and reach net-zero emissions by 2050. And here’s how to get there:

Get the U.S. off fossil fuels and clear the path for an equitable transition to a 100% clean energy future in the U.S. and abroad
Create millions of good-paying clean energy jobs, invest in underserved communities, and prioritize just, equitable, and sustainable economic growth
Protect oceans, forests, wetlands, and other ecosystems and improve our agricultural practices to help fight climate change
Scale up climate solutions where we live and work through energy-saving buildings, appliances, and transportation
Protect communities by making them better able to withstand the impacts of climate change
Push for progress on climate and clean energy locally, in state capitols and city halls across the country

I join with millions of others calling for far-reaching climate action. I will hold President Biden’s and all government leaders’ feet to the fire to do what it takes to avert climate catastrophe.

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